Hamburg Applications is developing technology platforms to support you as our customer in development of new mobile medical electronic solutions.
One technology platform is a microchip which was developed in an exist Forschungstransfer research project in 2012/2013. The technology is able to acquire EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG signals.

To support you further we are offering our services to customize your individual technology which is fitting your requirements. We are offering a 32 channel EXG module including all needed peripherals. This is supporting you to develop new products in shorter time frame. You as our customer need only an additional microcontroller and your special features around our technology and the system is ready for integration into a package. If you request some other configuration of the module or additional support in the integration of the technology into your overall system it would give us great pleasure to help you with our profound knowledge.


The new way of mobile acquisition and investigation of high quality biosignals!
The MoBio RT provides the opportunity to acquire and establish simultaneously 8 biosignals and store them on a SD-Card or to transfer them directly via WLAN / USB to a monitoring station.

Sports Games/ Virtual Reality

Take athlet´s mobile data obtained of the movement and physiological signals for enhancing and optimizing athlet´s performance.

In addition to Virtual Reality (VR) / Games or applications bring in the game body movements and emotions of the user.

Research Neuromarketing

Examine Biosignals during daily routine that arise outside of lab environments!

Detection and Evaluation of emotions of subjects in real environment situations.