Dr.-Ing. Mario Meza

He was born in Mexico, there, he coursed the high school with a technical program in cytology and histology. Later he got the engineering degree in electronic and communication. He also got a Master of Science degree oriented to electronic design. By combining his medical and engineering background, he got a PhD at the Hamburg University of Technology, the focus was “Stimulation of neurons by electrical means”.

Parallel to the study, he was working on different activities, mainly independently. He had for ten years a shop of sell, reparation and maintenance of computer equipment. In summer 2005 he came to Germany to perform an internship at the company Acterna Deutschland GmbH, there he was working on different departments such as assembly, testing, design, development and support. Afterwards, back in Mexico he implemented a project, where he worked as the leader of the project with the purpose of automate a process of labels collocation in a plastic molding machine, using a robotic arm and electrostatic charge. In 2009 he worked at the Cuauhtémoc University, he was teaching courses related to electrical circuits.

In 2012 co-founded Hamburg Applications. Since then, he is working there as CTO.

Since 2014, he is also doing consultancy at NXP Semiconductors, as digital ASIC front end digital engineer in security chips for smart card applications.

List of Publications