The Evaluation Board is developed for supporting you to evaluate the 32 channel EEG module HaBIO32M. The board contains all hardware components you need to emulate a complete application. In addition the Evaluation Board is delivered together with a GUI software. The software is providing all needed features to program and read the HaBIO32M module and to plot and store biosignal acquisition data detected and digitilized from Hamburg Applications.


Power Supplies

The evaluation board includes the possibility to be directly sourced via USB connection. The second possibility to supply the board is via the battery connector. The power JACK connector is the third option to supply the board.

Galvanic Isolation

The evaluation board is providing safe tests on human body via USB and power JACK. The evaluation board for USB connection comply with IEC 60601. The galvanic isolation is set for USB data, USB power supply connection and the power JACK.


The microcontroller PIC24FJ64GB004 was already flashed with a firmware programmed by Hamburg Applications. This speed up the evaluation since it is not necessary to write further code to configure the module or to acquire the data packets.

Channel Configuration

The board offers several electrodes configurations. Each single channel can be individually configurable as unipolar, bipolar or AC-coupled configuration.


The evaluation board is provided with an USB port to acquire the data directly from the computer. If it is desired to interface the HaBIO32M with its own microcontroller and code, an SPI and parallel interface connectors are present on the board. These interfaces allow direct comunication with the module.

Keys/ Trigger

The HaBIO32M module contains 10 key- and trigger inputs. The board is providing a direct connection the the module.


A dedicated GUI for programming the HaBIO32M module and receiving, showing and storing data from the module is part of the evaluation board.