The new way of mobile acquisition and investigation of high quality biosignals!
The MoBio RT provides the opportunity to acquire and establish simultaneously 8 biosignals and store them on a SD-Card or to transfer them directly via WLAN / USB to a real time monitoring station.


Sports Games/ Virtual Reality

Take athlet´s mobile data obtained of the movement and physiological signals for enhancing and optimizing athlet´s performance.

In addition to Virtual Reality (VR) / Games or applications bring in the game body movements and emotions of the user.

Research Neuromarketing

Examine Biosignals during daily routine that arise outside of lab environments!

Detection and Evaluation of emotions of subjects in real environment situations.


Electrical biosignals (EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG) are able to be mobile acquired with this system. The channels are programmable for the different requirements of the signals. The system is able to suppress offsets which leads to a higher gain for signal amplitude in long term applications.
The MoBio RT is a mobile 8 channel EXG biosignal acquisition device wearable on the upper arm. As shown in the picture on the right side the device is small and comfortable to wear. An internal battery is sourcing the device with power for up to 12 hours using WLAN interface continuous measurement. With its filters the device is able to reduce online artifacts.


The MoBio RT signal evaluation is able to be done with OpenVIBE software. The picture below is showing an example raw date of EMG signals during running in the MOPO Team Staffellauf:
Another example is the chart of the heartrate during the MOPO Team Staffellauf which is shown below:

The picture below is showing an EOG example of the MoBio RT.

The MoBio RT will be available soon. Already now you are able to reserve your personal MoBio RT for reference measurements. Please contact us:


Interfaces WLAN, MicroSD Slot, Micro USB
Number of EXG Channels 8 (1 pole, 1.5mm pin connector) which have a programmable gain of 2 up to 1000
DRL, Reference (1 pole, 1.5mm pin connector)
Trigger Inputs 4 Trigger inputs
Operation Time Up to more than 24 hours with internal battery for storing data on SD-Card
Up to 12 hours with internal battery including using WLAN
Extendable with power pack via USB connection
Internal Battery Rechargable via USB
Artefact suppression Internal programmable filters are able to suppress artefacts
Sensors Internal acceleration sensor
External interface for connecting additional sensors
Anchorage Belt for upper arm

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